Book: Vintage Cakes

Vintage Cakes Cover

I’ve been following Jane Brocket since the early days of her Yarnstorm blog. Then she started publishing wonderful books like The Gentle Art of Domesticity, The Gentle Art of Knitting and The Gentle Art of Stitching. One of my favorite things in Domesticity were the classic English cake recipes so I was thrilled that she published a whole book of Vintage Cakes.

Vintage Cakes: Welsh Cakes

The cakes are all very English and vintage-y and I want to bake up all them. I love the names like Fat Rascals, Rock Buns and Lamingtons.

Vintage Cakes: Fat Rascals

I haven’t had a chance to bake any of these yet but I have perused the photos and put paper flags on just about every recipe in the book. Maybe I’ll plan some cakes for Easter? The Celebration Cake looks like a perfect Easter treat.

Vintage Cakes: Celebration Cake


One thought on “Book: Vintage Cakes

  1. Anna Maria Pruneda Lladó (Llibreria Gigamesh) says:


    I bought this beautiful book several years ago translated into spanish.
    Yesterday I made the Nutmeg cake, but something was wrong. Inside the cake was raw but cooked outside…
    The quantity of flavour indicated in the recipe was only 220 grams, and of sugar, 330. Shouldn’t be more quantity of flavour?
    Perhaps the translation’s measures into spanish are wrong…
    Can you tell me the english measures? I’ve been looking for the english recipe in Internet but I haven’t found it.
    Thanks a lot!


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