Allied Voices: Night Witches & Sheep Farms


This week, I have a little history and a little knitting that I’ve found around the web. I hope you enjoy the links!


  • There is a wonderful episode of Stuff You Missed in History about the WWII Russian women’s flying division called the Night Witches. Fascinating!
  • Meet Victoria of Origins of a Land Girl on Va-Voom Vintage. Victoria is a modern land girl who bakes, works on a sheep farm and collects hats. I’ll be adding her blog to my RSS feed for sure.
  • The Atomic Redhead visits the first Case Study House. I love the mid-century architecture adventures and I love that she shares images of these buildings today as well as history of their origins.

Knitting and Fiber Fun:

  • There is a beautiful piece on Seamwork about a sheep farm in Tennessee and the love of sheep and wool.
  • Tickety Boo Tupney finished an amazing, airy knit pullover for spring! I love the velvet bow accent too.
  • Have you heard of the alternative to the Surprisingly stretchy bind-off know as the Miraculous Elastic bind-off? I heard it described as easier to remember and equally stretchy. I will definitely be trying it soon!
  • My dear friend Laura modeled her “I like to party” sweatshirt on her most recent episode of her video podcast, The Corner of Knit and Tea.

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