Besame Vintage Cosmetics


Several years ago, I discovered Besame cosmetics. They specifically formulate and package their products to be as close to original vintage cosmetics as possible. From small, purse-sized lipsticks in cherry reds and pinks to water-activated eyeliner/mascara, the products are as close as you can get to vintage cosmetics with some pleasing modern improvements.


I recently purchased a few new products from Besame: the 1932 water-based mascara/eyeliner, 1938 crismon cream rouge and violet brightening powder. Isn’t the packaging fabulous?


I was most-excited about the 1932 Brown Cake Mascara. Growing up, I remember that my mom used some cake eyeliner. The closest I’d find to this classic is the L’oreal Lineur Intense Liquid Eyeliner. It was always hit and miss if I could find it at my local drugstore and sometimes the brush was good and sometimes it was terrible. So I was ready to try something better.


I purchased the brown rather than the black liner to create a less dramatic, day look that would be appropriate for work.

I should have watched the video on Besame first on how to apply the eyeliner as my results weren’t great on my first outing.

I tried to do everything in one stroke, from near the tear duct out to the wing and it didn’t work as well but I may also need practice wetting the cake to get the proper consistency. I’ll keep you posted with my results after I’ve had some practice.

I had much better luck using the mascara wand end. It created a slightly darker, longer lashes without the clumpy clumps popular with most modern mascaras. I had gotten to a point where I just wasn’t bothering with mascaras at all because I had issues with clumping, flaking, or smudging and had started to wonder if it was worth the trouble at all.

So, for right now the cake is good for mascara for me but I will need more practice to make the eyeliner work. Or maybe I need to try the black formula for eyeliner?


The cream rouge in Crimson was a pleasing surprise for me. I bought it on a whim because I was running out of the powder blush I’d been using and was looking for a new option. My first efforts with it were a little clownish as a little bit goes a long way. Once I got the hang of it, I fell in love with it. And the best part is that the rouge doubles as a lip stain. I rubbed a little on my finger and smudged it onto my lips for a red-tinted lip. It created a very retro day lip look that I loved.


The last purchase was the Violet Brightening Powder which I got to replace the now-discontinued Feather Light Dusting powder that Besame used to make. The dusting powder was a simple translucent powder with a light vanilla scent where the Violet Brightening Powder is a slightly violet colored with a mild violet scent. The Violet powder mattes my skin but I don’t think it brightens as much as the older formula which makes me really sad. I still have a little of the original formula left and whenever I wear it, people always say I have a beautiful complexion. The new Violet Brightening Powder has not elicited the same response sadly.