So-Not-Vintage: i(love)ZOMBIE

In my past, I was a comic book clerk. After working in a comic book store for four years, I’ve never been able to shake my love of comics, pop culture, and sci-fi. So, I’m so surprised it took me so long to discover iZombie. Part of my hesitation is that, of all the supernatural creatures, I’ve never been interested in zombies. I went through the vampire phase, witch phase, even some werewolves and other were-creatures but zombies never seemed all that interesting. Until now.

Until iZOMBIE.


iZOMBIE started its life as a comic book series is illustrated by Michael Allfred, one of my favorite comic book illustrators so I can’t believe it took me so long to give the series a look. The writer of the series is Chris Roberson, who I’ve only read in some older issues of the Fables series off-shoots Cinderella and Jack of Fables. He’s worked on other things but I was not as familiar with his work. Well, I am now! I’ve read the first trade paperback so far and I love it. Its so nice to soak up Mike Allred’s artwork again — its been a long time and the story is unique, interesting and full of potential.


iZOMBIE poster

iZOMBIE became a TV series on the CW. The very first episode is out and the main character and back story are changed a bit from the comic but still keeps the essence of the original comic series. Mike Allred is even doing some of the intro art for the series. And Rob Thomas, beloved creator of Veronica Mars, is writing, directing and producing the TV version of iZOMBIE so… I AM SO IN! The first episode is available from the CW website or on HULU.

And so that this post is not entirely non-vintage AND non-knitting… I’m inspired to knit some zombie-related projects while watching the future episodes of iZOMBIE.


I’ve already made a pair of Zombie socks from the Nerd Girl Yarns “Pacific Playland” colorway so I’ll be donning my Zombie socks to watch Episode Two which airs in the US on March 24. I might have to cast-on the Zombie viXen mitts or, if I’m feeling really ambitious the Zombie Mittens, next week in preparation for the zombie apocalypse.

I heart iZOMBIE and I think you will too.

So-Not-Vintage: “I like to Party” Sweatshirt

It like to Party sweatshirt

Thanks to some fun hunting on the internet, I stumbled across the Look Human website and the “I Like To Party And By Party I Mean Stay Home And Knit” sweatshirt. As an introvert, I was thoroughly amused but wasn’t sure if I’d ever wear it.

Well, my pal Laura over at The Corner of Knit & Tea posted it on her blog and that was the final straw. I ordered one today and plan to spend next weekend on the couch knitting in my not-the-least-bit-vintage sweatshirt and be damned happy about it.

Not-So-Vintage: Mori Girl


I’ve been meaning to write up a post about things that inspire me that might not, at first glance, appear to be vintage. The first person I thought about was Tif Fusel, AKA Dottie Angel, whose unique sense of style is a constant wonder to me. She refers to her style as “granny chic” with lots of layered prints, woolies and crocheted details.To me, she is a fashion icon of the highest order. She has found “her look” and embraced it wholeheartedly. Of course, she’s stunningly gorgeous too.

Tif incorporates vintage thrift finds like old fabrics, crocheted doilies and her own knitting, crochet and embroidery. She layers her pieces over tights, leggings or jeans and pairs the ensemble with clogs or boots which give the look a forest girl vibe.

I’ve come to find out there’s a whole fashion trend from Japan called “mori girl” which translates to “forest girl” that draws on a lot of similar elements. Mori Girl style still has a hint of the Haajuku and Lolita trends that started the whole fascination with Japanese teen street fashion but is definitely has more everyday wearable aspects.

Mori Girl style incorporates lots of neutrals and woodsy colors, woolens and even some elements that feel distinctly vintage in a rundown-British-country-home sort of way. Its inspired by Scandavian style, loose, unstructured Japanese fashion and is a little demure, innocent and fantastical.

I think bits and pieces of this style would be a great way to add some vintage-y elements while keeping the look fresh and modern.


Lots of elements from this look come from traditional, classic or vintage styles like cardigans, peter pan collars, delicate floral patterns and layering.

Tiny Owl Knits is a great source for knitting patterns that fit squarely in the Mori Girl look. There’s even a whole forum on Ravelry dedicated to the Mori Girls look and dozens upon dozens of pinboards on Pinterest featuring inspiration.

The only concern I have with trying the look myself is that, as a slightly curvy, chunky girl, I’m afraid the look would be less waifish and more circus tent-ish.



Emma Watson talks to the UN.

She’s now getting threats and all manner of bullshit nastiness. Therefore, I propose that everyone should reblog this video until the Internet creaks with the strain, and then a couple more times to make the point, and tell everyone we know to watch it immediately.

Because that is how we do.

I love this talk because she addresses what I have felt for a long time: that men are just as imprisoned by gender norms as women are. Only of course, she says it better than I could.