What to Read: Maisie Dobbs


One of my favorite mystery book series is the Maisie Dobbs series by Jacqueline Winspear. The story follows our heroine, Maisie who is working as an investigator between the wars. The story often winds back to the past to discover how she came to this point in life as well. They are quiet, thoughtful stories rather than violent Ripper tales but the setting and characters are so well-rounded that I have read every book in the series. The eleventh book in the series, A Dangerous Place, has just been released and I’m going to order a copy to add to my Maisie library. Its one of the few series that I own all in hardback.

I hope you enjoy the series too.



Knitting with the Oldies

Myrna and William

The best thing about knitting is an excuse to sit in front of the TV. And the best channels to tune into are TCM and AMC to watch classics. I love old movies, especially screwball comedies like The Thin Man, It Happened One Night and His Girl Friday so when a friend recommended a blog called Self-Styled Siren, I clicked to it immediately. What fun! The site is filled with great info about classic films, film stars and current releases of classic films.

The blog hostess of Self-Style Siren, Farran Smith-Nehme has also written a novel called Missing Reels. Its gotten some praise over on Amazon as a favorite book for 2014 and its about old movies and falling in love in NYC in the 1980s so its sounds like fun too. I think I might download the ebook version so I can start reading it tonight. So, I guess reading and knitting will be my modus operandi for the foreseeable future?