Knitters Pay It Forward #1: N is for Needles


Desktop wallpaper: 2880x1880px (sized for Macbook /Pro 15″) Click to download full size file.

Many knitters have been offering patterns and yarn giveaways on Instagram this week as a way to cheer everyone up after a long, difficult week full of political dissonance. As I neither design patterns nor dye my own yarn, I wanted to try to figure out a way that I could contribute. So, I turned some of my Inktober drawings into downloadable digital wallpaper for your devices. I have wallpapers for your computer or your phone listed below from my “N is for Needles” artwork. I hope you like it. #knitterspayitforward


For iPhone 6/7. Click to download full size file.


For iPhone 6plus/7plus. Click to download full size file.


Desktop wallpaper: 2560x1440px (sized for Macbook /Pro 13″) Click to download full size file.


Good ideas are stored in fat so if I burn some off I can free them up and use em.

From Overcoming Creative Block via Drawn

Original source ISO50