Oh, Andi!

This photo was taken before I blocked the cardigan.


I finally finished my first Andi Satterlund cardigan pattern and it is PERFECT. It fits me beautifully. Everything worked out great. I love it. Its a very retro looking caridgan but its knit up in worsted weight yarn so it knit up quickly.

I knit up the Myrna cardigan in more of the discontinued yarn that seems to make up most of my stash these days, the Classic Elite Summer Set. Summer Set is a cotton blended yarn that reminds me a lot of Classic Elite Premiere or Brown Sheep Cotton Fleece.

I had just 665 yards of the Summer Set which was JUST enough to complete the cardigan. I had about 50 yards left even though I made the cardigan a bit longer than the pattern originally recommended. I probably added a couple inches to the length and it hits just at the top of my hip bones. Still, its a cropped cardigan and the shaping worked out super flattering.

I was sitting on posting this on the off-hand chance I got a photo of me wearing this but time is of the essence so I’ll post this with just the flat photo and hope that’s enough to inspire you to try one of Andi’s excellent patterns. I know I will be knitting more of her designs soon!

What’s on (and off) the Pins: March Edition


Thanks to the imaginary internet points distributed as part of the HPKCHC, I have been finishing a lot more knitting in the past year than in the past.I’ve also been set on using up some stash. So lots of projects got paired with yarn in my stash and wham! bam! knit it up, ma’am!

I made Bob a pair of toasty Waffle mittens out of some Berrocco Vintage I had laying around and he was pleased to have them for the last few days we had of snowy, cold weather. Boy, does he have big hands!

I used up some black and white fingering to make myself a new French-y beret using the Purl Beret pattern as a base. The flower brooch was made for a Louisa Harding vest. The vest never fit quite right but the flower pins get used on lots of my knitwear. I should probably try to reknit the vest at some point because I love it in concept.

Last week, I finished the February Lady Sweater with the Mission Falls 1824 yarn that I’ve tried unsuccessfully to use on two other sweater patterns. I knit this sweater in about a week. It is a super quick knit. The suggested yardage for the February Lady Sweater is definitely less than what is actually required. I ended up using all but about 2 gms of the yarn I had for a total of 892 yds which is more than the 850 yds recommended for the size I knit AND my sleeves ended up much shorter than the sample images. SO, if you decide to knit this cardigan (and I highly recommend it because its a quick fun knit) be sure to over estimate your yardage. Also, I find the sleeves a bit too wide and I even added decreases as a yarn conservation technique and they are still quite wide.


I also finished my Suzon shawl last week and I love it. I was a little hesitant whether I would like or wear a rainbow shawl but what didn’t occur to me was that it goes with everything! I didn’t use a full ball of the Crystal Palace Mini Mochi and just 300 yds of the undyed Knit Picks. I was thinking that I’d need more than a ball of Mini Mochi to complete it. So with a combined total of 462 yds, the finished shawl measures about 5 feet from point to point and about 20″ deep from the center back to the point. So its not huge but I can loop it around my neck twice.

Now, to the WIPs:


I’ve been working on a DK weight scarf for Bob out of some of the WEBS 40th Anniversary yarn dyed by Madeline Tosh. I call the scarf 221b because of the similarity to the blue scarf Sherlock wears but I’m actually using one of the reversible texture patterns from Ruggles pattern. For me, I’m making the Laverne scarf from Louisa Harding’s Knits for an English Rose, using up some of the Grace Hand Dyed I bought in California a couple years ago. I like how both are knitting up but they take some concentration when knitting so I haven’t made as much progress on them as I hoped.

I just cast-on my first Andi Satterlund pattern, the Myrna cardigan which is using up more stash yarn (yippee!!) but there’s not much progress to show yet. The pattern starts at the top of the back of the sweater and knits to the arm pit before picking up for the fronts, knitting down and then joining it together. I’ll post photos of it soon when there’s more then a dishcloth’s worth of progress to show. I hope to have it finished by the end of the month. I only have 665 yards of yarn for it so it shouldn’t take too long to finish it. The first cardigan for my summer of dresses and cardigans!


Off The Pins: Handwarmers for the Mister

twisty dark mitts

While I was under the weather last week, I took a break from working on my vintage NaKniSweMo sweater with the bobbles and worked on a few projects that were simple and pretty brainless for the NyQuil-haze.

My husband was asking for new handwarmers so I found some black Shepherd’s Shades in my stash and matched it with the Toshette cabled mitt pattern and then I added pots of tea and lots of silly TV watching and voila! Manly twisty dark mitts! I added the thumb gusset per Maratini, alternating the increase for the gusset with a plain row until I had about 11sts between the markers. I also added an extra repeat of the cables above the thumb to cover my husband’s long fingers.

twsity dark mitts

He hardly takes them off and now they are civered with cat hair too. Darn black yarn!

What’s On My Pins: Matthew’s Vest

Matthew's Vest

Earlier this year, I attempted to make a vest for my darling husband from a pattern in Nikol Lohr’s book called Literary Knits. I made the Sal Paradise Vest but, in the end, Bob felt like the neckline was too low for his tastes. Because of the unusual construction of the Sal Paradise Vest, top-down from the neck, I couldn’t frog back and fix it without disassembling the whole vest. As a result, I decided to use a different pattern to remake the vest. I used the Matthew’s Vest pattern from the Green Gables Knits book.

Matthew’s Vest in knit in the round from the bottom up and I love the way the cable wraps around the neckline.

Matthew's Vest

I think the new vest turned out really well. The cable was just enough fun to keep all the stockinette from getting too boring. The ribbing at the bottom is a sort of mistake rib and the ribbing on the neck and arm holes is a standard ribbing with a knit bind off, instead of in pattern which helped to pull the edges in since the ribbing was not done on smaller needles.

(What’s On My Pins is a regular feature focused on projects I’m currently knitting. Knitting needles used to be referred to as “pins.”)