Magazine: Pretty Nostalgic

Pretty Nostalgic Magazine

Have you heard of the British magazine called Pretty Nostalgic? I found a couple of issues at my company library sale (previously mentioned in the Rowan Wonder Haul post) and it wasn’t until this week that I was able to sit down and peruse an issue though from the cover I could tell this was a magazine that was “made for me”*.

The magazine is an unusual, wide, oversized format printed on thick uncoated papers.

I wish it was easier and less expensive to get a subscription in the US to this magazine. Or the option for a digital version to circumvent the astronomical shipping costs. Its really lovely and filled with all sorts of home, life and craft articles with a distinctly vintage bent. If you live in the UK, definitely ask your local newsstand if they have a copy. Its delish!

*”made for me” was a phrase mentioned on an episode of the most-excellent podcast Pop Culture Happy Hour about books, movies or tv shows that seem to have been tailor-made just for you. And by this, I mean that your reaction to hearing about the premise is to think “Did someone dig into my head and pull out all my favorite things and craft them into one entity?” For me, any time your combine Britain with WWII history, possibly throw in some code-breaking or mystery and excellent knitwear and you’ve got a project “made for me”.

Rowan Wonder Haul


My company has a library filled with books and magazines, mostly books and magazines that appeal to writers, artists and designers. It is a really great reference library for me.

About once a year, they do a giveaway of old issues of magazines. They send out an email and everyone runs like crazy people to get a stack of their favorites. I got super lucky this year. There were seven issues of Rowan magazine. Including the 30th anniversary issue. What a coup!

I’ll post more details when I’ve had a chance to peruse the issues in more detail. So excited I just had to share.