Allied Voices: Electro-Swing and Bobbles

This is a chaotic list of links and a couple videos but I hope you’ll enjoy them.

The Truth about Vintage Knitting Patterns and Copyright (via Michele Marck Knitwear): Some details about the complications surrounding old knitting patterns. Very informative!

I like the idea of learning to sew but I just don’t have much time these days. That doesn’t mean I don’t enjoy a good sewing craft magazine and the new Seamwork magazine from the folks at Colette looks beautiful with pieces with classic good looks.

Tickety Boo Tupney made a fantastic bobble cardigan for the holidays. Admire the bobbliciousness!

(via By Gum By Golly)

Isn’t this a fab chunky cable sweater? Its the Convertible Cardigan by Wenlen Chia knit up by Ms. By Gum By Golly. Lovely and super toasy!

Check out this historically accurate 1920s make-up tutorial. I’m thinking a 20s vibe for the holidays and New Year’s could be a great fashion option this year. I love the 20s look!

And while we’re thinking about the 20s, I found this modern electro-swing playlist on YouTube. Put it on in the background and groove out to a great vintage-influenced assortment of jazzy tunes.